Membership in Alpha Sigma Tau is a lifetime experience that begins in college and genuinely never ends. Alpha Sigma Tau pushes its members every day to be empowered women that strive for excellence and seek to contribute to their share to the progress of mankind. Our mission: “To empower women to excel in life.”

In 1899, Alpha Sigma Tau was founded with a lasting vision. We invest in women by instilling the skills necessary to navigate life, and we inspire members to enrich their own lives and the lives of others. The Epsilon Upsilon chapter is also incredibly passionate about our 5 core values: Graciousness, Respect, Intellect, Connections, and Excellence. We pledge to live by these values in our daily lives.

Our chapter has been part of the Dalton State College community for 4 years. We pride ourselves in dedication to women empowerment, steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusivity, continued academic excellence, expanding involvement on our campus, and various other chapter skills and interests.

Most significantly, our chapter has become a purposeful haven for so many women coming from various backgrounds and life experiences. This sisterhood has provided so much support and friendship for not only me but my sisters as well. Beginning a college experience can be one the most daunting times in our lives.  As we each gain experiences and more knowledge of who we are, we soon begin to learn what we want to be. Alpha Sigma Tau has not only inspired me but has also helped me see a potential that surpasses anything I envisioned for myself previously. It has enriched my life and further developed my values of sisterhood, leadership, and compassion for others. What I have gained from Alpha Sigma Tau is an enhanced sense of self, an unwavering confidence, and a drive to succeed like never before. I could not be more grateful for an organization that continually contributes to my life and lets me contribute to the lives of others.

When women join Alpha Sigma Tau, they gain a lifetime of support, invaluable life skills, and positive experiences that help them become the women they aspire to be.

Please contact me with any and all questions you may have! Wishing you all the best!


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Carolina Oyola-Rodriguez